Laura Sport Fishing

Charter Fishing LBI with Captain Mark Finelli

Captain Mark with a nice Striped Bass on his boat, The Laura

The Captain

Mark has been fishing around Barnegat Light and Long Beach Island for the last 20+ years and will continue for as long as the fish are biting. See below for a personal interview with Captain Mark.

What was the biggest fish you ever caught?

An estimated 250lb Bluefin Tuna aboard the Pez Machine in North Carolina in 2011.

What was the most memorable fish you ever caught?

I caught my first striped bass fishing from the small jetty in front of the Barnegat lighthouse and it was about 24 inches long. It took me a long time to catch my first Striper and everytime I drive by the lighthouse I am reminded of it.

Out of the few fish that got away, which one do you wish you had another crack at?

Actually, there were two that I’d like to get back. I lost a Striped bass about 10 years ago on the rainbow channel bridge in Ocean City, NJ where I saw the fish twice and actually sight casted to it under the lights. It was over after a 45 minute fight she finally frayed the 20lb monofilament I would estimate the fish at 60+ lbs. It was at 4 am in November. It took me under the bridge a few times maybe in the age of PowerPro it could have made a difference but who knows it was big. The second was a swordfish my friend Mr. Figs hooked on the Doris Mae a few years back. My brother, my uncle, my self and Mr. Figs took turns on the fish for about 2 hours and the fish was in sight when the line broke. When the fish hit the bait it dragged the line against the stern of the boat and frayed it a bit if that hadn’t happened ????????

What are the elements that make up a great fishing trip?

I like to have fun. I like watching people have a good time fishing.

Why did you choose a 23ft Parker SE as your boat?

The 23 SE has a shallow draft so we can hit a lot of areas in Barnegat Bay but at the same time we can fish comfortably in the ocean.

What is the significance of the name of your boat, Laura?

Laura is the name of my daughter. My father always named his boats after his girls so I kept the tradition alive. In addition it makes her happy which is exactly what a father wants to do for his daughter!


If you have any questions that you’d like to ask Capt. Mark, or if you want to book your next fishing trip on the Laura, you can email him or call 856-341-6562.